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About me

moje zdjecieI was born in a small town of Bielawa in Southwest Poland. As a teenager, I often used to go walking in the nearby hills, called Sowie Mountains. After I moved to London in 1994, my contact with mountains was limited to just a few weeks per year. One time I borrowed my brother's SLR camera and I got hooked. I bought my first Canon and devoted a lot of time to reading about photography. It paid off when I moved to Inverness in Scotland. I loved the scenery and I took advantage of it by spending every single day off exploring the Highlands. Summer or winter, day or night, rain, snow or blizzard, I was out there testing my limits. I needed more adrenaline so I took up climbing.

All this was not enough, I was dreaming about high mountains and traveling the World but lacked the courage to do something about it. I moved back to London. One day I came to work straight from a weekend trip to Scotland and was told they didn't need me any more. That day I decided to leave everything and go to South America. It was meant to be a journey of my life, but it turned out to be the beginning of a new life. A life devoted to my 3 passions: travel, mountains and photography. A simple life full of adventures, new places and new people. Sometimes it leaves me feeling lonely, and sometimes stunned by the overwhelming beauty of this World. Is it worth it? I don't know, but there is no other way to find out.

moje zdjecie A lot has changed since I wrote above text. I realized that I don't want traveling to be the purpose of my life, but only an addition. There are a lot of important things we want to do in our lives, and it's quite tricky to fit it all in. Going from one country to another, I was secretly hoping to meet someone who would stop me. And that's what happened, but only when I returned to Poland! I never thought that I would get married in my own country. I needed 12 years abroad to realize where I belong.
Mountains, travel and photography remain a very important part of my life. But they give me so much more pleasure now, when I can shear it with someone I love. Discovering new countries and interesting places together is the next stage in life. I had to grow up to be ready for it.
Traveling has become part of my career. I started working as a tour leader, specializing in South America, although I get assignments on other continents, too. It's a very demanding and stressful job, but it gives me so much satisfaction, that I would never change it for anything else.